If you are eligible to participate, but not currently enrolled in one of OGB’s health insurance plans, your eligibility documentation must be submitted to your human resources department. Contact your human resources department or refer to the Benefit Plan Document for eligibility guidelines.


The following people can be enrolled as dependents

Your legal spouse

Children until they reach age 26


Children are defined as:

Natural child of employee or legal spouse

Legally adopted child of the employee or legal spouse

Child by court ordered legal guardianship or court ordered custody

Child placed by adoption

Dependent Verification
If adding a dependent, you must provide proof of the legal relationship. Without that documentation, your enrollment cannot be completed. Acceptable documents include: your marriage certificate, birth letter or birth certificate, legal adoption papers, court ordered custody papers, or court ordered legal guardianship papers, if applicable.

IMPORTANTTo add a newborn as a dependent, you must provide your human resources department (or OGB if you are a retiree) with a birth certificate or a copy of the birth letter within 30 days of the child’s birth date. The birth letter will suffice as proof of parentage only if it contains the relationship of the child and the employee. If the birth certificate or birth letter is not received, enrollment cannot take place until the next annual enrollment period.

New Hires & Transfers
Effective Date of Coverage for New Hires and Transfers
The effective date of coverage for new hires whose employment begins on the first of the month will be the first day of the following month. If employment begins on the second day of the month or later, coverage is effective the first day of the next month after 30 days of employment. An employee who transfers employment should complete a transfer form within 30 days.


New Hires: If employment begins: September 1 | Coverage begins: October 1
Transfers: If employment begins: September 1 | Coverage begins: September 1
New Hires: If employment begins: September 2 | Coverage begins: November 1
Transfers: If employment begins: September 2 | Coverage begins: October 1

Over-Age Dependents or Continued Coverage
A covered child under age 26 who is or becomes incapable of self-sustaining employment may be eligible to continue coverage as an over-age dependent, if the Office of Group Benefits receives the required medical documents verifying the child’s incapacity before he or she reaches age 26. See your summary of benefits and coverage for documentation required to establish eligibility.