David Couvillon – CEO

David Couvillon joined the Office of Group Benefits (OGB) executive team in October 2020. Couvillion has worked in group health care for almost 25 years, during which he served as an administrator for Louisiana Medicare Services. In this capacity he managed claims and customer service, pioneered the electronic processing of claims, improved provider enrollment and assisted with provider relations on the state and national level. He also worked as the Director of OGB Operations for Blue Cross Blue Shield, which administers claims processing for the vast majority of OGB members.

Couvillon is a decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corps, reaching one of the highest ranking positions as colonel and commanding a 900‐person infantry battalion. During Operation Iraqi Freedom he served as the military provincial governor of the Wasit Governate in Iraq.

Melissa G. Mayers – COO

Melissa Mayers joined the Office of Group Benefits (OGB) in August 1996. She began her career with the Office of Group Benefits fiscal division as an accounting technician and has steadily advanced to senior management positions throughout her career with OGB.

She has extensive experience in the administration and management of OGB’s eligibility, billing and receivables system and its related functions. She has served as primary liaison between the various departments within OGB, including the Office of Technology Services (OTS) and Agency Services successfully streamlining and automating many of OGB’s processes. She has also served as liaison between OGB and its covered agencies in matters relating to billing and eligibility.

In March 2020, Melissa transferred to the OGB administrative office. She served as Director of Agency Services prior to becoming COO.

Melissa is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, with a minor in Management. Prior to joining OGB, Melissa was a student worker with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.