What are my options for accessing care?

Peoples Health Group Medicare (HMO-POS) is a triple-option health plan. Each time you need to see a physician, you choose how you receive your care:

  • Choice 1 (Within Physician Team) – Access care from any physician within your physician team, which is composed of primary care physicians and specialist physicians. You can benefit from the guidance and expertise of your primary care physician (PCP) who can help you coordinate care with the doctors and hospitals in your physician team. Office visits to your PCP cost just $5, and your visits to specialists within your physician team are only $10.
  • Choice 2 (Peoples Health Group Medicare (HMO-POS) Network) – You can see any physician in the Peoples Health Group Medicare (HMO-POS) network of physicians for only $25 per visit.
  • Choice 3 (Out-of-Network) – You can go to a non-participating or an out-of-network provider and still receive Medicare-level benefits. You pay 20% of the total costs when you see any physician who is not part of the Peoples Health Group Medicare (HMO-POS) network of physicians.